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Single-neuron responses in the human nucleus accumbens during a financial decision-making task

04.06.12 Posted in Human Neurophysiology Studies by

Linking values to actions and evaluating expectations relative to outcomes are both central to reinforcement learning and are thought to underlie financial decision-making. However, neurophysiology studies of these processes in humans remain limited. Here, we recorded the activity of single human nucleus accumbens neurons while subjects performed a gambling task. We show that the nucleus […]

Exploring dependence between brain signals in a monkey during learning

11.29.11 Posted in Analysis Methods by

Our goal is to investigate dependence between brain wave oscillations in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) and the hippocampus (Hc) regions of a macaque monkey during a learning association task. The classical approach to studying dependence in the spectral domain is via cross-coherence. It is computed for each frequency (or band) and identifies the frequency bands […]

Epiquinamide: A poison that wasn’t from a frog that was

02.06.09 Posted in Medicinal Chemistry by

In 2003, we reported the isolation, structure elucidation, and pharmacology of epiquinamide, a novel alkaloid isolated from an Ecuadoran poison frog, Epipedobates tricolor. Since then, several groups, including ours, have undertaken synthetic efforts to produce this compound, which appeared initially to be a novel, beta-2-selective nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist. Based on prior chiral GC analysis […]