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Dynamics of propofol-induced unconsciousness across primate neocortex

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The precise neural mechanisms underlying transitions between consciousness and anesthetic-induced unconsciousness remain unclear. Here, we studied intracortical neuronal dynamics leading to propofol-induced unconsciousness by recording single-neuron activity and local field potentials directly in the functionally interconnecting somatosensory (S1) and frontal ventral premotor (PMv) network during a gradual behavioral transition from full alertness to loss of […]

Temporally coordinated deep brain stimulation in the dorsal and ventral striatum synergistically enhances associative learning

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The primate brain has the remarkable ability of mapping sensory stimuli into motor behaviors that can lead to positive outcomes. We have previously shown that during the reinforcement of visual-motor behavior, activity in the caudate nucleus is correlated with the rate of learning. Moreover, phasic microstimulation in the caudate during the reinforcement period was shown […]

Sharp wave ripples during visual exploration in the primate hippocampus

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Hippocampal sharp-wave ripples (SWRs) are highly synchronous oscillatory field potentials that are thought to facilitate memory consolidation. SWRs typically occur during quiescent states, when neural activity reflecting recent experience is replayed. In rodents, SWRs also occur during brief locomotor pauses in maze exploration, where they appear to support learning during experience. In this study, we […]